bitcake is a software development group dedicated to delicious programming. We work on whatever interests us, which means all of our work is full of love and sometimes strawberries. Take a look around and see if anything tastes good.


Andrew Mantel
Contact: andrew *** bitcake.com (replace *** with @)
Education: MS Computer Science from the University of Central Florida
Experience: Some work with IBM
Programming languages: Java, some C/C++, some iOS (Obj-C/Cocoa Touch), some web programming (HTML/CSS/PHP)
Hobbies: manga, anime, games
Favorite kind of cake: Chocolate with layers of chocolate in between, and chocolate icing on top, and maybe a strawberry :)

Mike Baran
Contact: mike *** bitcake.com (replace *** with @)
Education: BS Computer Science from the University of Central Florida
Experience: Working with SAIC for 7 years.
Programming languages: Java, C/C++, Perl
Hobbies: Wall climbing! Things that involve Nissan and a 370z.
Favorite kind of cake: Carrot cake.. hell yeah!


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