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MangAI v1.14 released

June 17th, 2014 No comments

New to version 1.14:
-Bug fix: GUI Advanced -> scan_interpretation not working
Small bug, has been fixed.
-Updated helper programs install instructions
ImageMagick now requires installation of Ghostscript (free) if you want to use pdf files as input. Pdf as output is still fine without Ghostscript. Mac and Linux users should already have Ghostscript installed during installation of ImageMagick. Windows users need to download and install it separately.
The way pdftk is distributed has changed. I’ve updated the install instructions.
-New setting: @pdf_input_density
Integer value representing the dots per inch (DPI) of input pdf files.
High density value produces high resolutions when the pages of input pdf files are converted to images for further processing.
High density value, however, greatly increases processing time. Compared to density 72, density 150 takes about 3x longer to process, and 300 takes well over 10x longer!
If text comes out fuzzy, change to a different density and try again.
Acceptable values: 72, 96, 150, 300, 600, 1200
Recommended: 150
Pdf input density used to be fixed at 150. I kept 150 as the default, but you can try lower values to help speed up processing. Depending on the pdf, pages may look poor if you set the density too low compared to the original density they were scanned at.
-AI improvements to MPM and MSM interpretation
Better handling of special volume numbering.
Improved detection of undelineated page numbers (e.g. “c1-3” can be chapter 1 page 3).
Fixed rare crash during MSM scan sorting.
Improved handling when series title contains a number (e.g. “Eyeshield 21”) that shouldn’t be confused with volume, chapter, or page data.
Various logic tweaks.
-Various fixes and improvements
I came across a very rare case where a zip file would not extract properly if a zip entry was wrongfully detected as a file rather than a folder. This is now handled properly.
The program was not allowing trial license requests using emails with uppercase letters in the domain. This has been fixed.
I got a report of .properties settings file being created with some “null” values. I couldn’t reproduce this bug on my test machines, but I modified code that hopefully fixes the problem.

A lot of work went into this update. Most of the time was spent on AI (and subsequent testing of AI). There are a few more AI improvements that I’m working on. They seem to be taking too long and so will have to wait for a future update.

Download the latest version from the MangAI project page.

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