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MangAI v1.12 released

New to version 1.12:
-Bug fix: Incorrect resize geometry
MangAI was calculating the resize geometry incorrectly, allowing some images to resize larger than the user settings (maximal area using @width or @height but should be using minimal).
Furthermore, adding a border to one of these images would instead remove image outskirts to shrink the image to the target size.
This has been fixed.
-New feature: Ignore folder
Simply add “MANGAI_IGNORE” to a folder’s filename and its contents will not be processed. Useful if you don’t want the latest scans (not in tankobon yet) or extra works (like special releases and fanart) to be processed with the main series.
-New setting: @check_free_space
If enabled, then MangAI will check disk free space before processing.
Estimation of required free space is based on user settings and source size.
If there is not enough free space, you are given a warning and asked if you would like to continue. This is useful since MangAI may quit unexpectedly if it runs out of space while processing.
-New setting: @jpeg_quality
Integer value between 1 and 100, inclusive, of percentage quality of output jpeg images.
100 is highest quality, while 1 is lowest quality. Lower quality should reduce file size but may also decrease readability (lossy compression).
Set to -1 for default quality which is determined per image based on a quick analysis. Average default quality is around 92.
Acceptable values: -1 (for default quality), an integer between 1 and 100 inclusive
-New setting: @sharpen
Sharpening can help increase readability of blurry text.
Integer value between 1 and 100, inclusive, of percentage to sharpen images.
100 is the most sharpening, while 1 is lowest sharpening.
Acceptable values: -1 (to disable), an integer between 1 and 100 to sharpen
New setting: @imagemagick_ops
Warning: FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY! This can freeze, crash, or ruin the output if used incorrectly, and you will not receive any error messages.
Additional operations for ImageMagick to perform on each image.
This allows the user to use ImageMagick convert options not already utilized by MangAI.
Example: -despeckle -level 0%,100%,1.2
See -Specifying Other ImageMagick Ops- in Help->Contents or README.txt for details.
-Added more ereader .properties setting profiles
Settings profiles now available for:

  • koboaurahd (Kobo Aura HD)
  • koboglo (Kobo Glo)
  • kobomini (Kobo Mini)
  • kobotouch (Kobo Touch)

-AI improvements to MPM interpretation
When there are multiple chapter delimiters in a filename, start with best one (i.e. prefer ch to c).
Better handling of special chapter numbering.
-GUI improvements
Double-click to load job from table.
GUI remembers last selected device when creating .properties settings file.
Buttons for Apply and Reload settings should now be easier to read.
-Various fixes and improvements
Fixed description of setting @adjust_contrast. Negative value increases contrast, while positive value decreases contrast.
Fixed warning of unrar program not detected even though 7zip was found.

*phew* That was a big update. A lot of this update was user requested, so thanks to the community for your great feedback!

Download the latest version from the MangAI project page.

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  1. Mikel
    June 13th, 2013 at 01:39 | #1

    Thank you fantastic job

  2. blah
    September 4th, 2013 at 08:47 | #2

    could there be a bug with the mobi output? my mobi files are way too large. when the image folder with the processed images is 50 MB, the mobi version – which should contain the same files – is around 100 MB large. seems pretty strange. i didn’t change anything fundamental in the standard paperwhite profile config as far as i remember…

  3. Andrew Mantel
    September 4th, 2013 at 12:19 | #3

    I think it is a KindleGen issue. It seems like two copies of each image are included in the mobi, which would explain why an output mobi seems to be twice the size of the epub it was created from. I will play with this more and see if I can get the file size down.

  4. blah
    September 5th, 2013 at 05:25 | #4

    you’re right. i found out that kindlegen puts an azw/KF8 AND an oldschool mobi file into that “mobi” container it creates (to ensure compatibility with older kindle readers i guess). i managed to split that container with a calibre plugin called “KindleUnpack”, now i have a 50 MB .azw3 and a 50 MB .mobi file instead of that 100 MB hybrid “mobi” container – seems to be a good workaround for now. maybe there’s an option in kindlegen to create an azw OR mobi file only? i don’t have any experience with kindlegen yet.

  5. Andrew Mantel
    September 5th, 2013 at 07:30 | #5

    From what I’ve read, it looks like KindleGen embeds the original epub files within the output mobi in a file called kindlegensrc.zip. Some people think this is intended for future versions of KindleGen to be able to reprocess the original input whenever necessary. For normal books this isn’t a huge deal, but for image-centric books like manga it makes the file size ridiculous.

    I’m working on adding code to MangAI to remove this extra data from the mobi. It should make mobi’s file size on par with epub, and you won’t have to filter your mobi through any extra program.

  6. Andrew Mantel
    September 7th, 2013 at 13:20 | #6

    Added the code to strip the extra data from mobi output, reducing file size by half. I can’t believe Amazon forces this in KindleGen without any option to skip >_>

    Please contact me if there are any other features or improvements you would like to see in MangAI. If there is nothing else to work on, I will release an update in the next few days.

  7. Andrew Mantel
    September 14th, 2013 at 11:58 | #7

    MangAI v1.12a released with mobi file size improvement.