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Ramblings #7: try not to tilt

May 20th, 2013 3 comments

As someone who spends almost all day every day in house, video games are important to me. I have a ton of games, along with an ever growing backlog, for pretty much every platform. Portable games are especially nice since they don’t tie me down to a TV. I’m currently playing Soul Sacrifice on Vita and Monster Hunter 3 on 3DS. A surprising new portable contender has emerged: video pinball. I’ve never given pinball a second thought, but Zen Pinball for iOS is unexpectedly awesome. Before I thought you just randomly tap the flippers and hope for points; now I know to aim my shots and complete various objectives. Epic Quest and Moon Knight are my favorite tables. Come June though, all other gaming will be put on hold when Animal Crossing 3DS devours my free time <3 I've been researching a new feature for MangAI. It's crazy difficult and I'm not sure if it's even possible, but it is something a lot of users would enjoy. It will be a while before I know anything concrete. For now I have some minor improvements already coded and am currently working on AI tweaks. Expect an update within the next week. I’m big on user feedback so you should contact me if you have any problems or suggestions for MangAI. And if you enjoy MangAI, please be my advertiser and spread the word :3

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