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MangAI v1.09 released

New to version 1.09:
-Bug fix: Missing code during final MangAI packaging
One of the final steps of packaging MangAI is code shrinking to remove unused and unnecessary code. Unfortunately, the shrinker I was using was removing code that appeared to be useless but was important.
I’m not sure which algorithms were affected by this. At the very least, string chapter detection (e.g. v1cb1) was not working as well as it could.
This has been fixed.
-AI improvements to MPM
Better automatic conflict resolution, especially for conflicts between lettered chapters.
-Added more ereader .properties settings profiles
Settings profiles now available for:

  • phone (mobile phone)

Some of the latest mobile phones can make for decent manga readers. The experience is nothing like reading on a larger tablet, but still nice if you can’t always carry your tablet with you.
The phone settings profile leaves scans at their original resolution for improved pinch zooming. White space is chopped to fit more content on screen.
If on a phone, I recommend reading in landscape (i.e. hold phone sideways, the full width of the scan fills the height of the phone, scroll up/down to read).

Download the latest version from the MangAI project page.

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