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Ramblings #4: something of equal value

Was able to meet my September goal and submit my first iOS app to Apple. Should take a week or so to be reviewed. If all goes well, I will add the project page to bitcake as soon as the app is live.

Started work on my next iOS app. Right now I’m thinking about a game. I have the rules figured out but need to do a basic implementation to see if the game actually works… is it fun, is it challenging but not too hard, etc.

I was thinking about making MangAI Reader as my next app, but I’m worried there isn’t a big enough market for it. There are already a lot of comic readers on the App Store. I’m not sure exactly what functionality MangAI Reader would add over existing apps. Automatic page split detection would be there for sure. Porting the AI of MangAI would not be a fun project (seriously, I can barely follow it and I’m the one that wrote it :P). The memory and speed restraints of a mobile device may also not be sufficient. I could go the route of pairing with the desktop version of MangAI. That way your computer would handle all the heavy AI and send the interpretation data to your mobile device. I’ll keep thinking things over. Please leave a comment if you are interested in an iOS MangAI Reader.

I intend to slow down development for a while. Putting in overtime to finish the iOS app came with a cost to my health ^^;

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