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MangAI v1.07 released

October 17th, 2012

New to version 1.07:
-Renamed “parent_folder” to “source”
This change has been a long time coming. Since your input file is not necessarily a folder (can also be an archive or pdf), the name “source” makes more sense.
-Added 7zip handler (mainly for unrar on Windows)
The rar handlers for Mac and Linux are free, but WinRAR for Windows is not. 7zip support has been added to MangAI since the program is free and can extract rar files. Note that 7zip cannot archive files into rar format; it can only unrar. If you want to be able to archive into rar on Windows machines, you will still need WinRAR.
Installing a 7zip handler will also enable MangAI to read standard 7zip formats such as .7z and .xz. Writing to standard 7zip formats is not included as I am not aware of any ereader that can read those archives.
See -Setting up 7zip- in the readme for details on installing 7zip on your computer.
-Added more ereader .properties settings profiles
Settings profiles now available for:

  • kindle5 (Amazon Kindle 5)
  • kindlefirehd (Amazon Kindle Fire HD)
  • kindlepaperwhite (Amazon Kindle Paperwhite)
  • nexus7 (Google Nexus 7)
  • prs-t2 (Sony PRS-T2)

Note that the profile for Kindle Fire HD has resizing disabled by default. This improves detail when zoomed but comes at the cost of increased file sizes. If you instead want to match the screen resolution of the Kindle Fire HD, set width to “800” and height to “1280”.
The profile for Google Nexus 7, on the other hand, does resize by default to match screen resolution. If space isn’t an issue for you (like if you have the 16GB model), feel free to disable resizing by setting width and height to “-1”.
-Various fixes and improvements
GUI remembers last selected source to make it quicker to navigate subsequent source selection.
Miscellaneous tweaks.

If upgrading from an earlier version of MangAI, be sure to create a new .properties settings file.

Big thanks to MangAI users for your feedback. Many of these new features were suggestions from the community. If you would like to see a feature added, a settings profile included for a new ereader, or noticed a bug that needs squashing, please email me through the Contact page.

If you enjoy MangAI, please tell your friends about it. As an indie developer, I rely on you guys for advertising :3

Download the latest version from the MangAI project page.

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