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Lottery Sim is now available

After many months of development, my first iOS app Lottery Sim is now available. As the name suggests, Lottery Sim is a full featured Lottery simulator, and it knows the rules of play for the most popular number-based Lotteries. The idea for this app came from my family’s love of playing Lotteries conflicting with my background in math. Probability theory is tricky business (just ask fellow bitcake programmer Mike, lol), and reading the odds alone may not be enough to convey the likelihood of winning a Lottery.

I want players to be able to see what the outcome could be if they played their choice of Lotteries from as short as a week to as long as a lifetime and beyond (based on starting at age 18 and an average lifespan of 78, plus you can run consecutive simulations to continue adding to the stats). The results are usually soul crushing, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to win big. And it may be that one big win that changes the rest of your life. The point of Lottery Sim is not to promote or discourage Lottery play. I want it to provide a clear view of what Lottery play is all about, how much money you could spend over a long period of time, and what kind of return you may expect to receive. Use these stats to tweak your play strategy and help make the most of your Lottery experience.

Beyond simulations, Lottery Sim also features a lucky numbers generator with a unique approach and a ticket manager to keep track of your real world plays. Bring Lottery Sim with you to your local Lottery outlet to use it as your personal ticket manager as you fill in your real world Lottery tickets.

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