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Ramblings #2: you can always go back

I like to post at least once a month so you guys know I’m still around. Let’s see what’s been going on:

MangAI v1.05 is running strong. Haven’t received any bug reports for it. There have been some feature requests, most notably to add a batch job function to the GUI like the one that already exists in the CLI. The idea is that instead of processing a single series job, the GUI would allow for a job queue so that you could process multiple series jobs (like your entire digital manga collection) with a single click of the “Run” button. I’m still debating adding this feature because of some issues. I may play with GUI job queue and see if I like it, but right now it is not on my priority list. Please email me if you are interesting in seeing this feature added.

Development for my first iOS app is going well. I’ve learned a lot about Objective-C and Cocoa Touch in the past months. Still a lot of work to do, but the basics of many of its main features have been implemented.

On a side note, “you can always go back” is a reference to an inside joke at bitcake. We had a computer science teacher that explained the concept of recursion by drawing out a series of steps and then explaining with arrows that at any step, you could go back to an earlier step. This explanation took several class periods, always the same lecture with nothing but endless repetition of “you can always go back”… recursion at its best I guess :P

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