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No days off

What’s a weekend? Since my health keeps me indoors at all times, I don’t have much concept of Wednesday vs. Saturday. Fortunately that means I’m working every day. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

First iOS app is coming along slowly but nicely. It’s starting to actually look like an app. The more into it I get, the more functionality I want, so my initial time estimate was way off. Still several months away from release.

MangAI has been stable for a while now. I’ve only received a few problem reports and those have either been solved or I never heard back from the user (where do you guys go after I’ve replied, lol). I’m pretty good about replying to email within 24hrs (usually less), so if you guys have any questions or problems feel free to contact me. If you don’t hear back from me within a day or two, please leave a comment in the blog just in case I didn’t get the email.

I recently started working on a new MangAI AI feature. I’m trying to see if MSM interpretation can be used to improve MPM, while up till now it has only been MPM helping MSM (if you have no idea what MPM and MSM are, check out the Manga Intelligence Model). The basic idea is if you have a volume folder without chapter info (Foo_v3), but the scans within the folder contains chapter info (v3_c10_p1.jpg, v3_c10_p2.jpg, … v3_c15_p200.jpg), then the program may be able to infer the missing chapter info for the volume folder (Foo_v3_c10-15). This new data propagates to the output archive/pdf/epub files as well. Initial tests make this seem doable, but since this is such a big logic change, it will require a lot of testing. I also have a few things I’ve wanted to improve so I’ll work on those as well.

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  1. Andrew Mantel
    April 24th, 2012 at 09:55 | #1

    The MSM -> MPM logic cannot be used as it is more trouble than it is worth. The biggest problem is that all planning for what work will be done (like which archives need to be restored, what’s new to process, conflict detection and resolution) occurs after MPM analysis but before MSM analysis. Changing MPM data after this planning phase would seriously screw up the program.

    There are some other things I want to work on for MangAI, so an update is still on its way. Should be ready within a week.