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MangAI v1.05 released

New to version 1.05:
-Bug fix: GUI forgets settings file during auto update check
The GUI Settings tab would sometimes show mangaigui.properties instead of mangai.properties.
It took me a while to track down this bug since it occurs during automatic update checking which is only once a week :P
This has been fixed.
-AI improvements to MPM and MSM interpretation
MSM is better able to detect chapter spans.
Various logic tweaks.
-Added ereader .properties settings profile for iPad 3
All of the currently existing iPad’s use the same settings anyway, but I like having the user to be able to pick out their exact device from the list.
And yes, I know the latest iPad is not named iPad 3, but simply calling it iPad could make it be confused with the 1st gen.
-GUI improvements
Added links in the Contents panel for the MangAI FAQ, Manga Intelligence Model, and Contact web pages.
-Various fixes and improvements
Memory optimizations for image reads.
Search for ImageMagick directory at runtime if .properties file value is missing or invalid.
Miscellaneous little things that I can’t remember.

Download the latest version from the MangAI project page.

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