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MangAI download link fixed

Recently the download link for MangAI broke, leading to a 404 page. I have fixed the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I was thinking of releasing an update to include an iPad 3 profile, but since all iPad generations use the same conversion settings, it seems like a waste of an update. Next time an important code change is made, I’ll also include an iPad 3 profile. For now, if you have an iPad 3, just specify your device as iPad or iPad 2 (doesn’t matter which one because, again, they all use the same settings).

Speaking of iPad 3, my parents got me one on launch (yes I know, I got very lucky in getting awesome parents). After two exchanges though, I ended up returning it. The screens on these new iPads seem to be defective. Of the three I tested, they all lacked color uniformity, with some areas of the screen appearing warmer (yellow) than other areas. The last one I tried had a dim area along the right side of the screen, kind of like a constant shadow, which made reading black on white text within that area difficult. As I read a lot of digital manga and tech docs, this was a big problem for me. I will try another iPad 3 in a few months when they’ve hopefully ironed out these production problems.

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