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Ramblings #1: books contain words

Thought I should share the current goings on at bitcake.

MangAI seems to be in a good state. Haven’t received any bug reports since the v1.04 release. Hopefully I can leave MangAI alone for a while and focus on other things.

Currently learning iOS programming. Reading my way through Beginning iOS 5 Development. It’s a long book and I read super slow, but it does a great job of providing a foundation for iOS programming. I already know the app I want to write first but will wait until I’m at least finished with this book before starting. Pretty tempting to just go for it though ;]

Let’s see, what else is going on… Considering posting some of the research I did in grad school. I could add an “Articles” section to the site for this purpose. May also write about my current health condition for anyone that may have something similar (or for those of you that are interested in crazy medical stuff you would usually only find on House). It doesn’t even have a name yet since no one else seems to have it… I think I’ll call it “Earth Axis Syndrome”.

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